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Tailhunter Sportfishing is La Paz’ premier full-service sportfishing and activities outfitter. Since 1995, we have always specialized in personal hands-on service for family and friends.

A Little about Jonathan and Jilly  …
After spending several careers as fishing guide, deckhand,  restaurant chef , TV and radio broadcaster and a litigation attorney,  Jonathan arrived in Mexico intending to spend a single year as a break from being in the courtroom.  That was in the mid-90’s.

He got stranded in La Paz and found himself living in his van as a fishing guide!

Almost 3 decades later, he’s still here!  Jilly from San Diego, met  and joined him in La Paz in 2003 and were married in 2008.  They make their full-time home in La Paz (“She’s the brains!”) and personally run two Tailhunter fishing fleets of 30 pangas; the Tailhunter Restaurant Bar on the waterfront; the Tecolote Transportation Company and enjoy the team of almost 50 employees and “Catlyn” their rescue-cat that doesn’t know she’s a cat.

Jonathan is also a PADI Divemaster and full-time award winning writer and has published over 3,000 articles about fishing in Baja and other venues.  He is also the Baja Editor for Western Outdoor News and writes a regular bi-monthly column with over 70,000 distribution.

In those early days, he would make all the breakfasts, lunches, drive the shuttle van; guide all day; play taxi at night and do it all again the next day.  He would spend over 300 days a year either on or under the water.

Tailhunter has been featured on numerous TV shows, magazines, international newspapers and video shows and channels.

Their business credo has always been:

  1. Do what you say you’re gonna do
  2.  Do it on time or sooner
  3. Do it with a smile
  4. Always do one little unexpected thing extra

We are really looking forward to having you visit!  Let us set up your next fishing adventure!


It’s all about smiles! We will customize the perfect trip for you to include fishing, lodging, transportation and many other activities.

Jacques Cousteau called the Sea of Cortez the “Aquarium of the World”, and La Paz is the gateway to your adventure vacation. Tailhunter Sportfishing is your key to all it has to offer and a lifetime of memories.

We live here! La Paz has been our home for more than two decades. Our captains have been here for a lifetime. We consider ourselves caretakers and supporters of our wonderful attractions and our unique community, and we’re anxious to share them with you.

Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter Sportfishing in La Paz
La Paz Fishing TAILHUNTER INTERNATIONAL ..Top Rated - Full Service Fishing Charters ..FISH BAJA .. LaPaz Fishing Charters .. SEA of CORTEZ Baja Sur

Tailhunter Sportfishing is the only operator running two full-timefleets of pangas. This gives you the unique opportunity to fish two separate areas in one vacation!

Our Tailhunter Las Arenas Fleet fishes the rich waters of Muertos and Suenos Bay, as well as legendary Cerralvo Island.

Our La Paz Fleet will take you to explore and fish the deepwater canyons and white sand beaches of Espirito Santo Island. 

You get to pick or “mix and match” depending on the season and what you want to catch.

Tailhunter Sportfishing Boats in La Paz

Pangas go where cruisers cannot follow. American designed, our pangas are fast, stable and customized for sportfishing.

Our captains aren’t part-time workers. They grew up in these waters and can help you catch the fish of a lifetime.

Tailhunter Sportfishing Pangas - Stable and Fast ... Able to go where Cruisers cannot follow.
Fishing Charter in La Paz

Whether you’re an old-pro or a novice, Tailhunter Sportfishing is perfect for all-ages and skill levels.

This is not complicated fishing. The Sea of Cortez is often like a lake. We are never out of sight of land. We catch big fish often where you can still see the bottom or a stone’s throw from the shore! We do not have to go a million miles offshore to catch tuna, marlin, dorado, roosterfish and over a dozen other species.

Tailhunter Sportfishing Buddies Fishing La Paz - Baja California

This is live and dead bait fishing. No long boat rides trolling for endless hours!

This is hands-on fishing. You fight the fish, not the boat. You’re as close to the action as possible in your own panga with your own captain.

Tailhunter Sport Fishing Buddies

Jonathan is an acknowledged Baja expert. He grew up on the water and is an experienced guide and PADI divemaster. He has lived and worked in La Paz almost 30 years. He is also an award winning international writer and columnist with over 3,000 published articles, and has been a speaker, TV-host and radio broadcaster.

Tailhunter Sportfishing - Sea of Cortez Sport Show Itinerary

FISH BAJA • Jill & Jonathan Roldan - Tailhunter Sportfishing, La Paz - Baja Sur - MEXICO


We’re “On The Road Again”  in 2024!
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  • Dallas, TX –  (Jan. 11-14)  Dallas Safari Club Convention
  • Reno, NV – (Jan. 17-20)  Wild Sheep Foundation Convention
  • Nashville, TN(Jan. 31-Feb. 3)  Safari Club International Convention
  • Salt Lake City,  UT  (Feb. 15-18) Western Hunt and Conservation Expo/ Salt Palace
  • Orange Co.  CA(Mar. 7-10)  Pacific Coast Sportfishing Festival/ Orange Co. Fairgrounds


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The Tailhunter Outreach Program

Tailhunter International - Community Outreach Program in La Paz, Baja Sur ... Donations Collected: School Supplies and Clothing for the Children of La Paz
Taking care of our neighbors is important to us, the kids in particular. The Tailhunter Outreach Program, with the help of our many supporters, provides contributions of school supplies, clothing, and toys to the needy children of our local area. We feel this endeavor is as important as it is gratifying. Each donation is a good investment… Dividends are paid with Priceless Smiles.
Anyone interested in learning how they can contribute School Supplies and Clothing are welcome to Contact Us.