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Family Adventure Tours in the Sea of Cortez .. Tailhunter Tours, La Paz - Baja

Family Adventure Tours & Excursions

We offer tours ideally suited for family adventures. Our tours tend to bring the kid out in all of us. Share a “PBS Moment” … And create a memory they’ll keep.

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Adventure Tours For "Bigger Kids"

We can arrange High Adrenaline Adventures or “Spectator Tours”. You can explore the Sea of Cortez by Charter Boat, Kayak, or Island Tour.

Sea of Cortez Animal Encounters - Tailhunter Tours, La Paz

Sea of Cortez

The Sea of Cortez is well known for its amazing Sea Life. Curious dolphins and friendly whales are not uncommon.

Sea of Cortez Scuba Diving Charters with Tailhunter Tours, La Paz - Baja

Tailhunter Underwater Adventures

The Marine Life of the Sea of Cortez ranks us among the best diving destinations. We can outfit your Snorkeling, Scuba, or Spearfishing Adventure.